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Flush & Sweep

It is suitable for cleaning operations of urban roads, highways, squares, ports and docks, as well as watering operations of plants in green belts.

The product has two independent high and low pressure cleaning systems. The front water spray rack of the high pressure cleaning system is suitable for powerful cleaning of old stains and sticky dirt on squares and roads. Hand-held spray guns can be used to clean car bodies, wash sidewalks, and garbage. Stubborn stains on the barrel. The low-pressure cleaning system can be used for washing and sprinkling operations in roads, squares and other places, as well as watering operations in green belts.


Performance Feature

Environmental friendly

The high-pressure cleaning truck is equipped with multiple safety protection devices and alarm systems to avoid overspeed damage to the water pump.
The fixed-speed cruise of the cleaning vehicle improves the work quality, is simple to operate, and saves fuel.
The finite element design of the water tank structure reduces its mass by 10%, the effective volume increases by more than 10%, and the operation time is longer.

Environmental friendly

The optimized design of the low-pressure waterway system of the cleaning truck, under the premise of meeting the requirements of the operation, uses less water and consumes less energy.
The best matching combination of the auxiliary engine, water pump and transmission system of the high-pressure cleaning vehicle is highly efficient and fuel-saving, and the fuel-saving rate is more than 10%.


Dedicated production line, packaging and can forming technology, robot automatic welding, quality is guaranteed, vehicle failure rate is low, and efficiency is high.
The cleaning vehicle has a complete set of various functions, one machine with multiple functions, a wide range of applications, and high vehicle efficiency.


Self-oil - Hassis
Electric traction truck - Full electric truckInfore Environment Technology Group
Battery capacity
Max torque
Max power
Battery type
Litio Ferro Fosfato - Lithium Iron Phosphate
5950 mm
1927 mm
2200 mm
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